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The Applied Data Sciences and Networking Lab at Pace University

The Seidenberg School at Pace University has opened the Applied Data Sciences and Networking Lab on the New York City Campus.  I visited yesterday and met with students who will give me a background in Cyber Security on my next visit.  Lubin’s Social Media & Mobile Marketing students will use the lab to build their digital skill sets.  Thank you Dean Hill, Dr. Gabberty and students for your hospitality.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.48.26 AM

Here are some of the modules that students and faculty can access:

  1. Database and Big Data coding:  Learn how to build databases, tables, clever queries, professional-looking menus and screen forms following our hands-on instruction manual.  Bring your external USB device b/c you’ll want to take what you’ve learned during the day in the lab and continue building it when you go home.
  1. Cyber Security:  Are you interested in learning how to find a job in the cyber security field, and don’t know where to begin?  We have over 140 lab exercises for you to work with that will seriously develop your hacking skills and prepare you for numerous certifications that employers like to see on your resumes.  Even more, we have a target range of available machines for you to practice against to build your nmap, wireshark, and metasploit skills!
  1. Telecommunication & Networking:  Are you interested in learning more about networking and have been unable to hone your skillset because you lack the $ to buy the necessary Routers and Switches used in industry to develop your IOS skills with?  No problem!  We have state-of-the-art Cisco equipment available for you to work with as assisted by our in-house CCNA certified student assistant.

More information at Applied Data Sciences Lab.