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Live from the Mobile Innovation Summit


mobile innovation summit

Today I am live posting from the Mobile Innovation Summit.

Verizon’s Rohan Gandhi presented: Breaking the Golden Rules: How Unconventional Decisions Drive Results in Digital.

What makes for a good mobile experience? Go ahead and break the rules. Followed to a fault, rules result in a sub-optimal customer experience.

People’s expectations have changed and it’s hard to predict what they want.  Often, they can’t even articulate their needs and desires.

When there is change people seek comfort. There are numerous psychological biases and everyone’s brain is stuck with these biases. We make silly proclamations such as:

Email is dead.

The Skin email digest raised significant rounds of money, built on email.

Brick and mortar retail is dead.

Bonobos, Amazon and Warby Parker now have stores. Verizon was founded in retail, so it has to reformat.

Here are three myths that Verizon busted in mobile:

1.The fewer steps, the better

If fewer steps are best then zero steps would lead to 100% conversion. But that’s not so.

Customers expect a human experience. Marketers should ask “how does the customer perceive the complexity of the purchase?”  Customers want to buy a phone from a person rather than online. If taxes were done in 1 step, people wouldn’t trust it. 70% of Verizon customers start on web and end in store, so Verizon added steps in the process to make people more comfortable.

2. Design alone can’t get you results

Some people think that if you don’t fix the whole thing, you shouldn’t do it. Though one has to look at the metrics, design can add a lot. Use the data and embrace constraints. Verizon hasd too much support documentation to focus on relevant topics. So, they designed a miniguide and trafficked them to users based on funnel information. This was a 100% design driven strategy

3. User experience is only about usefulness

We don’t do enough brand experience planning. Brand essence happens in little moments that add up.

Verizon spends time on motion and clean design. For example, when a customer buys a certain service, the mobile site unleashes confetti. It’s fun, but hard to measure.

These kinds of experiences make the brand accessible to customers.


How to Teach Social Media Marketing: Global

Most summers I am traveling and I always assess the digital capabilities in the countries I visit. Here in Armenia the population is well connected via cell phone and many people use smart phones. I have heard that the country is seeking to become a tech hub as it is landlocked and surrounded by some less than friendly neighbors.