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Test Your Social Media Knowledge



How much do you know about Social Media Marketing?

Are you a marketing professional? If so, take the social media marketing knowledge test today and see how much you know.  Researchers at Pace University have developed this test that takes about 10 minutes to complete.  The test covers issues including social media platforms, targeting using social, general digital marketing knowledge, mobile marketing and measuring effectiveness.

Click on this link to test yourself:

Social Media Marketing Test

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Social Media Salvation in 2017



Though I teach social media marketing and even wrote the book “Social Media and Mobile Marketing Strategy” I had been relatively uninvolved in social networking. In my professional life I blogged and posted on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. However I rarely looked at Facebook and almost never posted updates on my page.

Things are different now. I no longer spend time thinking about marketing or digital media. Instead the country has made such a shift that I now read Facebook posts on politics instead of marketing news and blogs.

The news on our country, world relationships, basic freedoms, the environment and protections for people is scary daily. It is hard to make sense of the policies and plans of the administration and those who support the movement to limit freedoms and put up walls between us and our allies.

Nevertheless, I find comfort in my cadre of Facebook friends, many of whom I have not seen in 30 years. These angels from my past show me that people care and are willing to go the extra mile on behalf of others. Funny, that I find myself angry reading posts about vacations, dinners and day-to-day incidentals. There is so much more going on in the world and we need to stay vigilant.  I know Facebook has been criticized for fake news, manipulating feeds and failing to monitor itself.  However, as pure entertainment and emotional support I can live with some of these negatives.  After all, shouldn’t one read the real news anyway?

So, thank you my Facebook friends for helping me through this tough time. Keep posting, keep fighting your words matter more than you know.