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Cuba’s Internet and Castro


I recently wrote a paper on internet diffusion and adoption in Cuba and thought it would be appropriate to share on the day of Castro’s death. The hope is that Cuba will have the opportunity to share in the world’s communication and add to the important discussions that need to take place as we enter a new time of uncertainty.

Here is the introduction and a link to the full text of the article:

Internet Diffusion and Adoption in Cuba

Cuba is one of the last countries in the world to provide online access for its citizens in spite of the economic advantages that connectivity brings to economies. As the country opens opportunities for citizens to engage in business and potential trade with the United States
grows the Internet could help boost economic output for the country.
The article argues that Cuba’s educated population who have a strong desire to interact with the rest of the world will take full advantage of opportunities that are given by the government.  The conclusion suggests that Cuba is ready.
The results of this analysis suggest that Cuba is poised for Internet growth as long as the government continues to open access for residents. The Internet in Cuba blog by Larry Press suggests that the government may legitimize the SNET, the network that runs from Cotorro to Bauta that the government has chosen to ignore for the past 8 years (Press 2016). There are also reports of proposals from US and non US companies to build an Internet cable between Miami and Havana (Press 2016). In either case, the Cuban government has made moves toward increasing access.

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Chapter 7 Exercise

Here is a simple exercise you can use in your class to give your students familiarity with some key terms for search engine optimization (SEO).  It uses Open Site Explorer and asks students to choose their own brand of interest.  The goal is to help you teach social media marketing while considering its role in the broader digital marketing sphere.  For more exercises on Social Media & Mobile Marketing Strategy, click here.  You can also get a digital version of Social Media & Mobile Marketing here.

SEO circle

In-Class Exercise – Chapter Seven

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a URL for a company that has a web presence and one in which you are interested.
  3. Define the following terms:
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  •  Just Discovered
  •  Established Links
  •  Root Domain

4.  List five websites linking to the page.

5. Evaluate the quality of each of the links to the page using PA.  Is the page well positioned in terms of links?

6. Compare Page Metrics with one direct competitor of the brand. How does your company compare in terms of links?

Kellogg’s Story Telling Social Media Strategy

The Social Pro’s podcast hosted Rick Wion, the head of customer engagement at Kellogg’s and here are some of the points that he made.  The presentation was quite interesting suggesting that a) you don’t have to be everywhere all the time and b) the engagement should be regular, but not overwhelming.  Here is what we will discuss in the Media Storm Masters Social Media and Mobile Marketing Course:

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-11-02-21-amHere is a link to the Social Pro’s Podcast.