Shaking it up with Multiple Media

Mixing Television, Social Media, Radio, Billboards, Cable, Mobile Apps, Websites, Bloggers, Merchandise etc.

Marketers can enhance communication strategies with social media or mobile marketing by broadening reach, increasing frequency, encouraging interaction or building relationships. A brand’s strategy can include multiple media vehicles each contributing a distinct element of the message or building upon one another to enhance the communication in some way.


There are some advantages to using multiple forms of media. In a highly cluttered environment it is difficult for a brand’s message to be noticed, so additional formats can lead to more views and increased attention for the brand. Changing the execution of a message can refresh the advertisement and limit potential wear out. A variety of media also provide different means of delivering the message under varying consumer mindsets and moods.

Brands also use multiple forms of media to generate broader reach so more people see the communication. These days target markets are engaging with many devices, programs, web sites, mobile sites and reading material. It is difficult for marketers to get a strong audience in any one place so they reach people using many forms of media. When the marketer does reach the same person again, the wear out effect might be reduced because the medium is different and the person may be less inclined to feel annoyance as the message in a new format doesn’t seem like exactly the same message…again.

Sometimes the target market may not see particular advertising executions because they have not viewed the media format. To broaden reach and increase frequency, brands can distribute their traditional media through social media outlets. For example, many companies upload their commercials to YouTube to increase the number of people who will see them. Marketers can also run versions of print ads on social media sites to build awareness or share news through social networks. Social media can also encourage customer interaction with a brand because of the two-way capabilities of the medium. Customers can ask questions, make complaints, offer suggestions and receive information and advice from brands – an opportunity that doesn’t exist in traditional media. Social media can also offer added value to customers through the sharing that takes place on the network when they interact with other customers. Each form of media has unique opportunities to increase a brand’s overall presence using social media.


2 thoughts on “Shaking it up with Multiple Media

  1. Love this! I think it’s so important that brands have integrated marketing communications. As you said with making complaints with social media, it’s far quicker to do so on twitter for example than with traditional terms such as by phone. When you tweet a complaint it looks bad on the company so they will always reply much faster and sort out the issue. If you call up however you’ll be hearing jazz for the next hour or so!

    Enjoyed reading your blog count me in as a follower. I’m new to blogging, I’m releasing my first one later i’m focussing on Lidl’s latest marketing campain , would love it if you could read and give me any tips.

    All the best, Tom

  2. Hi Tom: Thanks for your encouragement. A blog is a big commitment, so I would recommend considering your goals. What do you hope to achieve with the blog and is it the optimum use of your time. It’s a cost/benefit analysis. Good luck and I look forward to reading your first post.

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