What’s Up with the MediaStorm Masters in Social & Mobile?

Here’s what we are doing this semester in one of our MediaStorm courses……

students working

Social Media & Mobile Marketing Strategies

An opportunity for you to expand your mind, think strategically and practice your skills in digital communication. As people suffer from digital overload breaking through the clutter and making meaningful connections is what matters.

Fall 2015 Modules

  • Speed Module: Learn at the Speed of Social
    Cutting edge white papers and materials from MediaStorm
    The Future of Storytelling
    MediaStorm’s weekly update of the hottest digital properties
    Speakers who work in the digital media trenches
  • Content Module: Student Generated Content
    Weekly posts by you in social media
    Curate new content and identify new platforms
    Baseline your Klout score and raise it by the end of the term
    Track your collective efforts with #Mediastormmasters
  • Field Operations Module: Futurism in New York City
    Mind opening outings and visits to digital experiences
    Visit Museum Exhibitions and Local offices of Internet firms.
    Learn about measurement and analytics in the Nielsen Living Room
  • Tool Box Module: Practical Platforms and Applications
    Become Certified in Google Analytics
    Exposure to new online and mobile marketing platforms
  • Project Module: Work with MediaStorm’s Entertainment Clients
    Ignite social media for MediaStorm’s broadcast media brands
    Develop social media and mobile marketing strategies for clients

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