@Pathinteractive Customer Journey

I recently attended Path Interactive’s presentation on the customer journey at Google’s event space in the Chelsea Market.

Some interesting points that were covered:

1. Not all conversions are equal. If a conversion costs a lot of money, it’s less efficient than one that was less expensive.

2. Some conversions may result in customers who are more valuable in terms of the actions people take post conversion- such as those who share with others.

3. Search serves as bookends of a journey. People often initiate a journey with search and end the journey with a search. This makes keywords very important.

4. As customers go through the journey different types of communication may be necessary. Early on in a journey people search general info, later on more comparison data or customer specific information.

5. Marketers can use Google Analytics to integrate non digital data or data from other platforms.

6. In Google Analytics it helps to look at mobile sessions to determine what people are viewing on their mobile devices to tailor the experience.

7. It’s possible to benchmark within your industry using Google Analytics.

8. The presentation ended with a panel of Path Interactive’s clients.

Thanks @Pathinteractive and @Google for a great session.


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