Butterflies and Social

How can a small tourism business encourage sharing in social? First, the experience has to be enjoyable with either good quality or good value. A poor or mediocre tourist experience may be shared, but may hasten a downfall. Second, the activity or service should be unique and special so that people want to tell others about it. Something plain and everyday won’t get much attention.

I recently visited Butterfly Haven in El Valle Panama. The owner decided to pursue a “second childhood” by starting a butterfly farm and was actively promoting the business. The farm was listed in major guidebooks, noticeable signs were posted around town and there were cards with directions in local hotels and restaurants.

In addition in an attempt to leverage social media, the owner posted a sign asking people to share their experiences. See below.

How could Butterfly Haven increase the likelihood that visitors share? I would recommend setting up a unique photo opportunity with butterflies or caterpillars and a page on which to post the photos online, such as on Instagram. Along with the photo the farm should offer Wifi to travelers who may not have international data plans. This would give people the opportunity to post immediately and they would be more likely to do so in the moment.

A good, unique experience that can be shared immediately can generate positive buzz for a business. What can you create?



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