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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

My new client is a writer/journalist who asked for some help with his social strategy. When I asked him to indicate the major goals he wanted to achieve he said “get more Twitter followers.”

He already had over 1,000 followers and could easily get more, but what would that do for him? 

Twitter is a wonderful tool to achieve particular objectives, but you should have a clear idea of your strategy or you’re just wasting time.

I don’t have many Twitter followers because until recently I had no goals that could be achieved using Twitter. As a tenured faculty member I get rewarded in my job for publishing academic. But recently I decided to boost my following and increased my audience by over 300%. 

How did I do it? 

1. I followed people in my field.

2. I retweeted interesting tweets.

3. I posted relevant content on my blog and tweeted it with tags.

I still have a long way to go in building my reach, but it’s encouraging to get this level of response. Especially since my followers are not the same people with whom I am connected on Linked In or Facebook.  



Tag, You’re it In Social Media

A study of people who tag their own content on Delicious examined the extent to which these key words reflect brand strength. 

Nam and Kannan analyzed tags for 44 US firms operating in 14 markets on the social bookmarking site Delicious between 2006-2010. 

Using a modeling technique the researchers showed that the tags provide a lot of information on the companies. 

For example, the analysis was able to predict market value and explain unusual market fluctuations. The authors suggest that social tags demonstrate brand strength,which correlates   with market changes. 

The take away. ….What average people say and choose to highlight in social media can serve as a window to the attitudes in the broad market. 

This is another example of how crowdsourcing data can be illuminating. It’s especially interesting given the limited sample that is not representative of the population or targets for these firms.