Glade to Disclose Chemicals in Products

In the past I have covered marketing and social media issues on the Glade brand of home fragrances. Specifically I visited their unique pop up store for the senses in the meat packing district in NYC and discussed how they attempted to build social media buzz.  However, total honesty with customers may be a better marketing strategy.  This week Glade announced that they would disclose the ingredients in some of their home fragrance products.  This is a welcomed change from the prior strategy of evasion.  The New York Times reported that Glade will list the ingredients in most products on the SC Johnson website.  The article can be accessed by clicking: Glade to Disclose Chemicals. glade pack

There is legitimate customer concern over common chemicals in our products and without clear disclosure people are unable to judge.  Unfortunately even with disclosure many of the common chemical and additive names are a mystery to non-chemists.  I would encourage companies to not only disclose the ingredients, but pledge to use only those additives that are proven safe.  This would be awesome marketing and has already been adopted by some firms.

Given a choice, I buy products that I believe have the least harmful ingredients and price isn’t always the indicator. For example, I use pure white vinegar to wash fruit and veggies and that’s cheaper than any commercial brand on the market.  Even if you buy the most expensive cosmetics you can’t be sure what is in them.

One option is to use the database Skin Deep. Here you can input many products to find out whether or not they are harmful to humans and exactly how they may be problematic. Warning:  It is a bit scary…..

When I visited the Glade pop up store I had a great time smelling the different rooms, but the chemicals in the products were a big turn off and I threw away the smelly samples the next day.

Glade… do not just report the chemicals, please use natural ingredients.  They are much nicer.


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