McDonald’s or Wendy’s: Who Manages Issues Better on Mother’s Day? 


Fair Wages

                     Kids at McDonald’s protesting to raise wages.

On Mother’s Day 2015 my 9 year old son and his group from the Workman’s Circle brought cards to the moms working the weekend shift at McDonald’s.  The message was to wish these workers a $15 minimum wage to help them support their families. Armed with a package of pennies my child ordered a cone and began to count them one by one. That’s when the corporate machine jumped into action and gave out free ice cream to all the kids. None of them refused and it became difficult to chant “Justice for workers.”

Foiled at McDonald’s the group moved on to Wendy’s where the manager yelled at them and threatened to call the police. There they stayed fueled from the free ice cream and continued their calls for fair wages for moms.

The kids have a history with Wendy’s because the company has refused to pay an additional penny a pound for tomatoes grown by Florida farm workers.   Looks like Wendy’s should think about a number of their policies.

You may be wondering what this has to do with social media and mobile marketing.  Social issues diffuse more quickly through the population than ever before and customers, when united, can alter long held corporate policies.  Social media can also shed light on issues if people widely share them. has had some big successes in altering corporate policies.  I wish it would start to work for global warming…

Here is a link to the article in the Daily News.


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