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Pace University, SundanceTV and Media Storm Announce Their First Partnership in Developing a Social Media Campaign

I am sharing a press release on some of the work we are doing in the MediaStorm Masters in Social Media & Mobile Marketing with SundanceTV:

NEW YORK, March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — As part of Pace University’s Media Storm master’s degree program in social media and mobile marketing, students will take part in developing an innovative social campaign for the second season of SundanceTV’s “The Red Road.”  This represents the first time any television network has partnered with the university’s Media Storm program.  The popular returning show, which premieres April 2, 2015 at 10/9c, is a gripping dramatic thriller that stars Jason Momoa as Philip Kopus and Martin Henderson as Harold Jensen, a local sheriff hiding a dark family secret. The two are forced to coexist amongst rising tensions within their two clashing communities: a Native American tribe and a small neighboring town.  The fates of Kopus and Jensen are tied as the relationship between their communities becomes volatile.

The multi-media plan will include social media strategy, social networks, mobile apps, contests, user-generated content, blogger outreach, paid media, contests, games and experiential elements partially or fully created by Pace University students led by Professor Randi Priluck. Presentations will be submitted via video and, once reviewed by Priluck, will be sent to the Media Storm / SundanceTV teams to choose a winner.  The winners will have the opportunity to have some or all of their projects weaved within the overall social plan for “The Red Road.”

Pace University continues to be a leader in experiential learning, and we are thrilled to see our partnership with Media Storm and SundanceTV take flight,” said Neil Braun, Dean of the Lubin School of Business and former president of the NBC Network and CEO of Viacom Entertainment. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with SundanceTV and provide our students with a truly hands-on academic program.”

As the only Masters Degree in Social Media and Mobile Marketing currently offered by an Accredited Business School, this program closes the gap between academia and employer needs.  “Social media and mobile technology have fundamentally transformed our culture,” said Craig Woerz, founder of Media Storm. “Bringing innovative thinking to clients like SundanceTV through our collaboration with Pace University’s Business School is critical in velocity disciplines like social and mobile media.”

Monica Bloom, SundanceTV’s SVP of Marketing, commented, “SundanceTV is constantly examining new and distinctive ways to introduce audiences to our programming. We are delighted to partner with Pace University and Media Storm on this remarkable program and are excited to collaborate with their students on creative marketing to support the second season of ‘The Red Road.'”

To read the release click here.


Bloglette: Wishful Thinking with Tinder


Would you date this woman? 

The dating site Tinder offers people the chance to swipe through photos of those who are in range.  However, one marketer figured out how to game the system.  Guys at South by Southwest found a girl named Ava on Tinder who asked provocative questions like “have you ever been in love?”  This attractive come on was really an ad for a movie called Ex-Machina that was premiering in Austin at the time.  Ava was Swedish actress Alicia Vikander who stars in the movie.   My question is, who is going to go see the movie after being tricked?  Judging by the comments on the Adweek article I would say it made people pretty upset.  Marketers who try to trick customers do not win and negative word of mouth travels pretty fast.