Today I attended a giant marketing event in Madison Square Garden. It was the Professional Bull Riders competition. I had thought I was going to see mechanical riding, but it was the real thing. After my initial shock over the animals used for this purpose and the danger for the participants, I marveled at the marketing genius.

The event was fast moving- less than 8 seconds per most rides, quick set up with 4 bull pens and an entertainer named Flint. Lots of music and fan engagement, prizes to win and encouragements to Tweet.

Ford sponsors so there is a Ford truck in the arena and lots of others. At one point a contestant had to guess the total value of a video shopping spree at a Bass Pro store. Another lucky dancer won a Stanley tool set.

Though the live event was well executed the PBR could do better. First, three letters for your name makes for difficult branding. I, at first thought Pabst was sponsoring. Bucking Bulls is better. Next, the mobile site needs work. I pulled up info from 2008. If the site was better the PBR could leverage mobile for more fan engagement during the event and build more social opportunities. Some of those photos are perfect for Instagram. I heard fans talk about knowing each other from Facebook. However, as Facebook limits posts to fan newsfeeds a good mobile PBR site could host social fans.

And this is no Bull.




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