Digital is Winning

In the course of writing my book Social Media and Mobile Marketing Strategy I have been examining traditional vs. digital ad spend numbers for the top advertisers.  What I have found is that big brands in a variety of industries are moving their ad spends to digital.   My data come from the Ad Age data bank, which measures both measured and unmeasured digital dollars.   These terms are defined below.  The interesting thing about these figures is how much digital media is commanding of the total budget.  For example, Comcast is a cable network in the traditional media model.  You would think that they spend more in traditional advertising than in digital, but according to Ad Age Comcast spends 72% of its ad dollars in the US on internet media.  Granted this spending also includes PR and other indirect forms of spending, but the numbers seem to show a huge shift in branded media strategies.  It is really only a matter of time that the digital spend overtakes television as the number one media outlet.


  • Magazines – 2%
  • Newspapers – 1%
  • Television – 19%
  • Radio – 4%
  • Outdoor- 2%
  • Internet – 72%!!!

Measured-media advertising is estimated U.S. spending across 19 media. It consists of 18 media tracked by WPP’s Kantar Media in its Strategy product plus free-standing inserts (FSIs).

Unmeasured spending figures are Ad Age DataCenter estimates that include direct marketing, promotion, co-op, coupons, catalogs, product placement, events and unmeasured forms of digital media (such as paid search and video).

Essentially, unmeasured is the difference between a company’s measured media (from Kantar Media) and its total ad costs (either reported by the company or estimated by Ad Age). Ad Age weights a company’s reported worldwide ad costs to reflect a U.S.-only percentage.



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