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Email Marketing: What Can it Do?

This excellent video explains email marketing and why businesses should consider the strategy.  The video was created by Jennifer Norman, a graduate student in my class: Social Media and Mobile Marketing Strategies. This course is the capstone in Lubin’s MS in Social Media & Mobile Marketing program.

The assignment asked students to create videos around a particular topic.  Students were limited to 7 minutes and could use a variety of media.  Here is the assignment:

Video Presentation Assignment

Each student in the class will create a brief (Max 7 minute) video presentation on a topic related to the content of the course. Please examine the syllabus and determine which weeks you would be willing to do your presentation. In the second week of the semester turn in a list of your top 5 week choices and you will then be assigned one of those weeks for your presentation. Videos are due at 4:30 PM on the Monday before the class meets.

Video Presentation Content

Begin by examining the topic for the week you chose on the syllabus. Each week that we meet online has video topics in parentheses. You will choose ONE topic on which to create a video for the class. I would recommend that you type the words related to your topic into Google to look for interesting research that relates to your topic. One option is to choose a company that you can use as a case study example that helps to illuminate your topic or you can focus on a research study related to your topic. Please be sure to have metrics to make your points if you present company info. Use pictures and give solid examples backed by data when possible.
Guidelines for Videos

  1. Each week that we meet online students will post videos with an in-depth view of a topic. The topics are listed in the syllabus in parentheses with the word video following. Use the text as a starting point for the topic, but consider additional research and examples beyond the text. The video and 1 question are to be posted by Monday at 4:30 the week of your assigned video.
  2. Write a script for your video presentation that explains a particular social media or mobile topic and gives examples with data. You may present research findings, case studies, how-to information, current news (only if really different and interesting), new sites/applications of significant note , best practices or strategies that will be important in the future. Try to find material that is broad based and useful to many industries. Do not pick data that simply update statistics on what we already know, such as how many smart phone users exist.
  3. Choose material that has measurement associated with it. For instance if you choose a case study of a company using social media, make sure you have data to support the effectiveness of the strategy. Please don’t just tell us about cool things you find, though we can talk about these at other times.
  4. Write 1 key question for the class that you will post with your video for people to discuss based on your video. The question can have a few parts, but keep it focused.
  5. Stay current with material from the past year.
  6. Make sure the information you present is legitimate and from a reasonable source.
  7. Present the sources in your post on Blackboard so we know where the information came from.
  8. Upload your video to YouTube and provide the link to the class on Blackboard.