Flow in Mobile

mobile game


Interactivity is a key concept in web design. It refers to the opportunities users have to interact with others, control the information they post and when they can use the site to achieve goals.

One type of interactivity is called flow. Consumers in flow can become deeply involved in an experience. The state of being associated with the positive feelings of the experience is referred to as flow. When consumers are in flow, time is unknown and individuals can feel fully encompassed by the task (Li, Dong, & Chen, 2012). Some examples of flow experiences are sports activities, artistic expression or professional enjoyment of work. Flow can also refer to a consumption experience such as a day of shopping with a friend, total immersion in a video gaming activity or participating in online social networking.

The term flow has been used with respect to the experience a consumer might have in online activities including online shopping, which can lead to positive affective responses to a website, product or service or online activity. In mobile consumption, convenience, media richness and hedonic factors lead to positive emotions in mobile consumption (Li, Dong, & Chen, 2012).

Mobile users are looking for fast, local information or easy access to information and entertainment. The most popular mobile apps are radio listening, games, social networking and maps (MobiThinking).  Marketers need to understand when mobile users are in flow versus when people are attempting to achieve specific goals to design mobile sites that meet their needs.


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