Back from Ghana

Social Media and Mobile Research was on vacation while I was traveling in Ghana.  It was a great trip with wonderful people, beautiful weather and relaxing times.  As usual I observed the connectedness of the people while I was there.  One day I sat in a van next to a young woman named Monica, while headed toward Takoradi.  After a while she asked me for my phone number.  Since I did not have a phone with me that could accept a call I told her I would give her my email address to keep in touch.  That was when she said she did not have an email address, but could contact me on What’s App or Facebook.  Imagine that, young educated women in Ghana are using mobile devices to communicate on Twitter, Facebook and What’s App, but not using email.

In general, Ghana seemed to have good cell phone access even in remote places.  There were towers everywhere we went including the jungle, the boarder with Ivory Coast and the far north of the country.


Ghana 344


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