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Snapchat Case Study

Students in my Principles of Marketing class created this video case about Snapchat’s marketing strategy. The students were required to write a comprehensive situation analysis and evaluated the marketing strategy of the brand.


Venmo Digital Case Study

Students in my principles of marketing course created this video as part of a course assignment. The team first researched and wrote an industry analysis on Venmo, the mobile payment sharing platform and then used the information to make this entertaining and interesting compilation.

Videos for Student Projects

students working


This semester in my basic marketing course the students completed a digital marketing project. Each team had to choose a digital product or service and research the industry, competitors, target market and the 4 p’s of the marketing mix. The students also had to evaluate the brand’s marketing strategy.

As an added interesting twist to the project I asked students to take the information from their projects and create interesting videos to display their brand.

In class I showed the students some sample videos and gave them 2 methods to use for video production.

The first was to use voice over Powerpoints, which is explained in the following link:

How to Do Voice Overs on Powerpoint Slides

I also showed a YouTube video on the production of Barbie dolls that had strong marketing content. The video appears to have been produced by a student and it is very well done. The Barbie video inspired the students to begin work and write a strong script.

The Barbie Product Life Cycle Video

Another option I presented to students was from Stupeflix. This platform allows video production and gives students 10 free slides. The advantage of Stupeflix over competitors is that students can write a lot of words on the title slides and the interface is very easy to use. Another advantage is that Stupeflix can easily integrate videos that can be shot from a person’s video cam or phone.

The student videos are due in 2 weeks. More on the outcome later….