Social Media vs. Email: Is Email Still Relevant?

Email is still an important component of a marketing strategy. The costs are low, so ROI can be very strong with relatively few conversions. In short, don’t forget email as part of your mobile marketing strategy.

Relevant Tools

Social media may be on the rise, but this does not mean that it is replacing email as the primary form of digital marketing. Think of social media as a supplemental advertising technique that will grant you greater exposure to potential customers, and email as a way of building the reputation of your brand and taking care of your already-loyal subscribers. Here’s why email is still just as (if not more) important:


1. Social media is fluid. It exists in short, concise messages that may or may not invite further involvement. Your social media updates are embedded in a slew of others that may be more interesting to your readers. How are you going to compete with the new photos of their niece’s birthday party, or a shocking news story? Your social media communication, while effective and necessary, is limited. With email you have direct, one-on-one engagement with your…

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