Mobile Advertising: A Beginner’s Perspective

Global mobile adoption strong because it fits in with people’s lifestyles, has a relative advantage and is easy to buy and use. But, lifestyle is the key factor.


I have only just returned from up North and I’m whacking the suit on and cruising into London for an afternoon interview for with Linking Mobile, a mobile agency with their own platform to track advertising performance on mobile sites and provide publishers with advertising. This post is half serving me to write down my thoughts and half to share my research into mobile advertising so far.

Mobile has become a new obsession for me after studying for the IPA Ad School Search program I applied for. Desktop searches have actually decreased whereas mobile searches are on the up. It makes sense really, if I’m on the go or even watching TV I’m not going to pull out my laptop and Google what is probably useless trivia, instead, I’ll use my phone.

It’s quicker, easier and with companies like Usablenet optimizing websites for mobile, this is only going to increase…

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