Oreo Boys

Oreo Boys

Two men wearing Oreo shirts on my corner waiting to populate Union Square?
This campaign led me to consider the reach of the campaign and the impact on the brand. This photo was taken at 10 AM, May 14th, 2013. At 8:30 PM I ran Social Mention for both Oreo and Wonderfilled, the new tagline. Wonderfilled had a 44% Reach (number of unique posters), but Oreo had 50%, most likely due to media postings. The reason I suggest that media is responsible is because Wonderfilled’s sentiment was 17:1 compared to Oreo’s 11:1.  Sentiment is a ratio of positive to negative mentions.  Oreo’s are more neutral, suggesting articles written by professionals.

Social mention is a tool that can be used to compare brands and their social media positions. It’s not perfect, but nice for a quick snapshot.


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